Quotes from the scientific literature :
... Mathematicians and theoretical physicists say about the fields ( gravitational, electromagnetic, field of the electron and other particles ) as if all of these fields - "material wave" that spread in space... But all these fields are nothing more than fiction. Their physical nature is unknown to us.

1. M. Klein. Math. The loss of certainty. M., 1984

... A gravitational wave in a gravitational field similar to the electromagnetic wave in the electromagnetic field. Both types of waves travel at the speed of light, but if the electromagnetic wave caused by a disturbance of the electromagnetic field produced by accelerated motion of charged particles, gravitational waves are caused by the same movement of the mass of the bodies ( gravitational charge). ...

2. P. Davis. A Random Universe. M., 1985

"... vacuum liquid ... "

3. I. D. Novikov. The Evolution Of The Universe. M., 1983

... the rest mass has a charge with the General property that it is invariant to the choice of the inertial (in our case, locally - inertial ) reference frame . ...

4. P. K. Rashevsky. Riemannian geometry and tensor analysis. M., 1967

... Transverse Coulomb's repulsion of the electrons in the beam is irrelevant
due to the almost complete compensation for the effect of magnetic force currents.

5. Boyarkin O. M. Introduction to physics of elementary particles. Moscow, 2006