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Quantum gravitodynamics( KGD)- fashionable "outfit" of superiorityof.

This fashion: quantize everything, starting with the light quantum "black holes" and ending with the whole Universe. To date, QED (quantum electrodynamics) is considered the most accurate theory and it would be natural to create a QHD(quantum gravitodynamics) by analogy with QED(quantum electrodynamics). In QED (quantum electrodynamics) the role of first violin plays a virtual photon, in QHD(quantum gravitodynamics) of course must be the graviton. The hypothetical graviton in real space, and in curve, too, is " the ugly duckling ".

For modern theorists, this problem is solved simply. They frolic freely in multidimensional space, where any point when multiple reflection looks like a flower. As in the children's kaleidoscope, the more mirror facets in the pipe, the higher the symmetry and beautiful pattern of a bunch of colored pieces of glass. If somewhere there is a symmetry, then it can be mapped to a conservation law; for him to invent "the wave function" and for her to make the equation of state. The thing is not in the hat and not in the string, and in the pipe! One pipe is abruptly, and kvantovanie and more fashionable.

I have to shout: "And the string has no clothes!"

If still, someone wants to prachandapath gravity, we take the THEORY of GRAVITODYNAMICS MAXWELL-CHAYKIN.

Rev on its tubular threads and that the soliton can be considered as real graviton.

Collider for "mutants".

After a two-year downtime the Large hadron Collider (LHC).
We, in Russia, there is the Tsar cannon, looks intimidating but for 500 years has not made a single shot.
Accelerator (LHC) is a majestic, but I wish he had staid than useless to shoot for the fictional boson of Higgs.
Quarks, gluons, higgs have the same reality as phlogiston and caloric for alchemists. For example, botanists and biologists are not engaged in the classification of unstable mutations, and physics seriously engaged in the classification of resonance - unstable mutants, more stable elementary particles. Theorists looking for symmetry in this set of mutants using different theories trying to unify all fundamental interactions. Why?
Electromagnetic and gravitational interaction - I joined in my Unified theory of force fields Chaikin .
The strong interaction is the surface interaction at the boundary of the interacting hadrons, consisting of π(PI) mesons.(Like merging together of drops of liquid).
The weak interaction is a consequence of neutrino background in space.
Quarks, gluons, gravitons, etc. – this is a primitive model of substantial particles of matter. Perhaps my super fluid substance the same model, convenient for a visual explanation of electrodynamics and gravitodynamics. But I hope that the liquid can spin in (LHC) and prove its reality.

Mathematics - as a tool for knowledge of the world.

Mathematics as a brush in the hands of the painter can only paint the fences.
And mathematics in the hands of the artist not only copies the world, but also creates an abstract view of the world of the artist.
Heinrich Hertz (discoverer of electromagnetic waves), has expressed his admiration for math with, "... ... ... ... Maxwell's equations are smarter than their makers! "
Albert Einstein realized with age what they said, "mathematics is the only perfect method, which allows you to hold yourself in the nose."
Young enthusiasm he proclaimed postulate: "the speed of light is the same in all inertial frames of reference!?" and what's more, the light speed is the maximum speed for all things not attainable as in thermodynamics, absolute zero is not reachable.
Question: "why this preference setting of the speed of light?"
The Answer.
The figure of the speed of light is in the equations of electrodynamics of Maxwell, and they must be invariant, that is, unchanging and moving coordinate systems.
So they will, if interpreted the multiplicative inverse of the velocity of light (with the minus sign in the first degree), as in 30 Ohm impedance of free space. Value, which by definition constant.
The speed of light, as well as any speed should be a relative.
To make the size of the absolute speed of light, Einstein applied Lorentz coordinate transformations, adding to them and the same transformation time. And any sum speed observer at the speed of light, the result is always a light speed. As if different weights on the market would equal mark weight by 1 kg of any goose weighed not more than one kettlebell.
The famous physicist Philipp Lenard called Einstein's "machinations''.
Michelson and Morley's experience proves only the absence of wind, not the constancy of the speed of light. Motion relative to the ether it is impossible to determine the superfluid their device.
Democritus was right only about atoms and the void (empty space) does not exist. Aristotle said: "nature abhors a vacuum".
Leibniz also suggested that: ". ...You should imagine a space originally filled liquid matter ".
After the physics have marked the void Word vacuum of space, they are all real particles of matter and settled his swarm of virtual quantum particles that constantly arise from nothing and disappear in "Nowhere". Explaining this paradox, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.
Mathematics, everything will grind.
"Surprise the world and you're make Famous''- : thus spoke, Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Man-measure of all things.

Space (length) - elbow, feet, inches, yards.
Time - second, 1 hit rate.
Weight - gram, pound (weight of the meat, bread that man may satiate).

Vision of Person is the main idea of forming a sense of space.

Propagation of light rays corresponds to the notion of straightness and the shortest path between things.


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